Lets imagine that now is July 25th, and I am already in Ufa with zero roubles in my pocket. What will be my next actions?

  • Put as much as possible efforts into selling our $13,000 house
  • Put as much as possible efforts into getting of high-paid job in Ufa (but if I won't find that, get any job)

If I will want to move back to Moscow with my family.

In best case I will find job until 1st of August. I will get not less than 10,000 RUR until August 30th, plus I will be able to get 4,000 RUR. I should know what expenses waiting my family in Moscow

If I will want to move back to Moscow without my family.

The best way would be if I could succeed with my own business of retail sales.

I can dedicate myself for entrepreneurship right in Ufa. I can help my mom put herself on correct entrepreneur way where she also will be able to earn a lot. It is even more stable way except for all Moscows, Kievs, etc

How about our dream of living in Moscow, if we won't succeed with DV program?

Dream still actual and still remains? Answer is - only in case if I still have a good deal with military office. If not - we should move with my family to some another town out of Russian Federation, and this is serious point - Finding another town with earning level of Moscow where we can move with less visa efforts

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