Lets imagine that it is already October. What is my minimum income level should be for moving into Kiev? And what better to do to my family in case if I will move into Kiev? Here's three scenarios:

  1. My family moves into Kiev with me. Why it is not good idea? Because finding job in Kiev for my family can be more difficult than finding job for my family in Moscow
  2. My family stays in Moscow. My mom always will be able to make some 25 thousand roubles per month, and she will be able to pay 10 thousand roubles for appartment.
  3. My family stays in Ufa all this time. My mom won't be able to earn in Ufa even 7,000 RUR because all this money will go to food. Groce income level of my mom in Moscow except for all expenses will be about 10000 RUR (5000 RUR food, 10000 RUR appartment). But staying in Moscow only for additional 10000 RUR - I don't know.

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